About Us

About Lusso Escapes

Lusso Escapes is the premiere destination for the perceptive traveller looking to research and book their latest escape. Looking for both luxury and authenticity, we identified a gap in the market to provide indispensable resources to those who not only wish to sleep in milk and roses, but also have unparalleled experiences across the globe.

We are here to be your most trusted travel companion that provides detailed hotel reviews, bespoke guides to destinations and access to incredible private experiences all on one site.

Reward your curiosity with Lusso Escapes.

The Lusso Escapes Rating System

Unique to Lusso Escapes is our travel rating system. We created it with our readers in mind, offering honest and genuine opinions on hotels around the world. Our team of luxury travelers brings their secrets to you, uncovering which of the best luxury and boutique hotels are the best to stay in. Sharing their insights and industry knowledge of luxury and boutique hotels globally and sharing with our readers the insights we wish we had before booking. 

Our Approach

We created Lusso Escapes for the luxury nomad and the luxury couple, always keeping these personas in mind when reviewing hotels. This focus ensures you make valuable decisions for your trips. Here’s how we do it:


Outstanding service is non-negotiable for a luxury experience. We’ve experienced beautiful hotels with exquisite surroundings but disappointing service, which can tarnish the entire stay. We assess everything from how you’re greeted by door staff, to the quality of concierge service, to the attentiveness of in-house staff at restaurants and room service. We know that consistent excellent service is key to the greatest experience. 

Food and Drink

From breakfast settings and room service availability to restaurant pre-booking requirements and bar vibes, we scrutinize all aspects of food and drink. A good breakfast with ample choices, room service that’s prompt and varied, and restaurants that offer unique culinary experiences are all key factors in our reviews.


We look for top-quality gyms, spa treatments, and other amenities that enhance your stay. A luxury trip should offer everything you need to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy every moment.


We evaluate how easy it is to access the hotel, whether it’s in a city or a remote paradise. We also check for private flight options, customs services, and transport links like Uber or private driver services.

Exclusive Experiences

Some hotels offer exclusive areas or services for guests, such as members-only lounges or guest-only spa treatments. We highlight these exclusive features to help you choose the perfect spot for your getaway.


We care about the planet and the communities we visit. We look into hotels’ sustainable practices and community programs, checking if they have B Corp certification and listing their actions to promote sustainability.

Lusso Interiors

We believe that the moment you step into a building, it should evoke a feeling of wonder and comfort. Whether you’re on a business trip, a city escape, or tucked away in an opulent estate in Tuscany, the way a hotel makes you feel upon entering is crucial. We evaluate everything from the grandeur of the entrance and lobby to the room’s lighting and ambiance, even down to the scent, and how those initial aromas make you feel.

We’ve created a dedicated space, Lusso Interiors, where you can shop your favorite hotel delights and explore blogs on some of the dreamiest places to visit.

Our ratings continue with checking for any surrounding construction or renovations that might disappoint guests, and continue with evaluating the size, layout, light levels, and amenities of the entry category rooms. We will give honest feedback on whether an upgrade would be suitable and bear this in mind whether you are traveling solo or as a couple.

Travel Guides

Our travel guides are created from personal experiences. We recognize that luxury nomads and luxury couples expect different things from their trips. Our guides are distinguished to cater to both types of travelers, offering co-working spaces, local coffee shops, and social networking events for the luxury nomad, while spa retreats and romantic restaurants are highlighted for the luxury couple. Each guide is carefully curated to offer the best solutions for both types of travelers.

At Lusso Escapes, we aim to be more than just a travel guide. We strive to be your trusted companion, helping you discover the finest experiences the world has to offer. Join us in exploring the globe with luxury and authenticity.