Meet Our Team

Meet the team

Welcome to Lusso Escapes, where we are more than just a team—we are a collective of seasoned travel experts dedicated to providing honest reviews from firsthand experience.

As trusted authorities on luxury travel, our writers embody the essence of sophistication and adventure, weaving narratives that transport readers to the world’s most coveted destinations.

With a wealth of firsthand knowledge and a commitment to excellence, our team serves as your guide to the realms of opulence, ensuring every recommendation is infused with authenticity and precision. Whether uncovering hidden gems in exotic locales or indulging in the epitome of lavish accommodations, our writers stand as pillars of expertise, ready to inspire and elevate your travel aspirations to new heights.

Meet Aidan, the SEO Manager at Lusso Escapes, blending digital know-how with a love for travel. With a laptop in hand and a passion for adventure, Aidan explores the world sharing insights and discoveries on our platform. Aiden focuses on our Luxury Nomad Guides.
Cherida, with her background in managing business development for a travel agency serving the ultra-wealthy, founded Lusso Escapes to offer genuine reviews and unique insights into luxury travel. The site presents a curated selection of the world’s finest hotels, exclusive travel guides, and access to often inaccessible luxury experiences forged from personal relationships. Lusso Escapes is a trusted source for unbiased opinions and exceptional travel opportunities. Cherida focuses on her Luxury Couple guides as she travels the globe with her partner.
Molly Helfend is an accomplished ethnobotanist, herbalist, editorial director, storyteller, and journalist, celebrated for her expertise in luxury wellness and her dedication to environmental, ecological, and botanical rights. Her globe-trotting adventures as a travel writer have taken her to the world's most exquisite wellness destinations, enriching her content with a unique blend of sophistication and natural wellness practices. Her editorial insights and compelling narratives have been featured in prestigious publications such as Vice News Tonight, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more. With a mission to amplify ecological voices and sustainability.