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Split Apple Retreat, nestled on the edge of New Zealand’s Abel Tasman National Park, epitomizes modern luxury with a keen emphasis on wellness and the great outdoors. This exclusive haven combines stunning natural beauty with architectural elegance, offering breathtaking views, an infinity pool that blends seamlessly into the horizon, and rooms that are a testament to luxurious comfort and design. Its proximity to Abel Tasman provides unparalleled access to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, making it a sanctuary for those who cherish the outdoors.

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Lusso Escapes Rating: 26/30 LE Stars

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What We Love

Split Apple Retreat truly stands out for its spectacular setting and its commitment to providing a serene wellness experience. Guests can luxuriate in the infinity pool, soak in hot baths with panoramic views, and dine on a terrace that overlooks the majestic Tasman Sea. Each room is meticulously designed, ensuring privacy, comfort, and a connection with the surrounding natural splendor. The retreat’s location invites adventurers to explore Abel Tasman National Park’s rich offerings, from kayaking in crystal-clear waters to hiking through lush forests.

What We Don’t Love

Despite its many luxuries, Split Apple Retreat’s remote location and emphasis on the natural environment mean that it may not satisfy those looking for a bustling hotel atmosphere with an extensive list of on-site activities. While the focus is on wellness, the lack of a traditional spa and a wider variety of wellness programs, as well as limited vegan dining options, might not meet everyone’s expectations. Accessing the retreat requires a scenic yet considerable drive from Nelson, which, while beautiful, may not appeal to all travellers. Read our curated a guide to the best wellness retreats in the US.

Wellness & Spa

Without a traditional spa, Split Apple Retreat pivots towards nature-centric wellness, offering a gym equipped for a rejuvenating fitness regime. However, guests might find the wellness offerings lean more towards the natural and outdoor experiences rather than the pampered spa treatments found in urban luxury hotels.

Lusso Escapes Rating

Design and Comfort

Each of the accommodations at Split Apple Retreat has been designed with an acute awareness of its natural surroundings, blending modern comforts with environmental mindfulness. The rooms are spacious, featuring modern amenities and large windows that frame stunning views of the national park or the sea. Standard rooms are generously sized and luxuriously appointed, ideal for couples. However, for those celebrating a special occasion or seeking even more space and privacy, upgrading to a suite provides additional amenities such as private decks and custom spa baths.

Amenities and Services

The range of amenities, including the iconic infinity pool, private dining experiences, and concierge services, cater well to luxury seekers. The concierge’s responsiveness and ability to personalize guests’ experiences, from restaurant bookings to guides for exploring Abel Tasman, add significant value. However, the retreat’s remote nature means that some guests might desire more varied on-site activities.

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Dining and Cuisine

The dining experience at Split Apple Retreat, characterized by its focus on healthful and gourmet cuisine, offers an intimate and scenic setting for meals. The use of fresh, local ingredients complements the retreat’s wellness ethos, though the menu could benefit from a broader range of options to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

The Gourmet Restaurant: This is the main dining venue at Split Apple Retreat. The restaurant specializes in health-focused cuisine that utilizes fresh, local ingredients to create dishes that are both delicious and nutritionally balanced. The atmosphere is serene and intimate, with panoramic views of the Tasman Sea, providing a tranquil backdrop for dining.

Signature Dish Recommendation: The King Salmon with a miso honey glaze, served with locally-sourced, organic vegetables, is a must-try for its perfect balance of flavors and healthful preparation.

Unique Culinary Experience: Split Apple Retreat offers cooking classes and nutritional seminars as part of its wellness program, allowing guests to learn how to prepare healthy and delicious dishes guided by expert chefs. These sessions are not just informative but are also designed to integrate wellness into every bite.

Location and Accessibility

Split Apple Retreat is nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Abel Tasman National Park, making it an ideal location for those seeking peace and natural beauty. The nearest town, Motueka, is about a 20-minute drive away, while Nelson, a larger urban center, is approximately an hour’s drive. This seclusion is perfect for a retreat but requires planning for those wishing to explore local nightlife or dining outside the resort.


Uber: Uber is available in the area but can be limited given the remote location of the retreat.

Chauffeur Services: For a more reliable and comfortable option, guests often use local chauffeur services such as Nelson Shuttles and Tours, which offers private transfers to and from Nelson and around the region. Booking in advance is recommended to ensure availability.

Exclusivity and Privacy

Split Apple Retreat excels in providing an exclusive and private experience, with accommodations designed to ensure privacy and tranquility. The adults-only policy and personalized service contribute to an atmosphere of serenity and exclusivity.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Split Apple Retreat demonstrates a commitment to sustainability through its integration with the natural environment and minimalistic impact on the surrounding landscape. However, guests interested in extensive sustainability and community involvement programs may seek more detailed information on the retreat’s practices.


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