Discover Incredibly Romantic Places For Couple Travel In Tokyo

Romantic Places for couple travel in Tokyo. 
Sakura and moat in Tokyo

A guide to couple travel in Tokyo, a romantic and inspiring itinerary for adventurous couples. Welcome to Tokyo, a city where modern sophistication meets traditional charm, making it the perfect destination for couples seeking both excitement and intimacy. As your guide, Lusso Escapes is delighted to introduce you to a city that blends towering skyscrapers with serene gardens. Offering an array of experiences that cater exclusively to the desires of traveling couples.

Why Tokyo Is The Perfect Destination For Couples?

Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan, is not just a city, it’s an experience that awaits the adventurous and the romantic. With around 542.7 million domestic tourists visiting in 2022 according to Statista. Tokyo has solidified its reputation as a vibrant hub for cultural aficionados and luxury seekers alike. The city promises a romantic experience with its stunning views from places like the Tokyo Tower. Tokyo offers countless opportunities to spend quality time together exploring beautiful gardens and participating in cultural activities. For those wondering about the best times to visit, the cherry blossom season is from late March to early April. The Sakura provides a breathtaking backdrop of floral beauty, perfect for creating memorable moments.

The Best Neighborhoods for Couples

Each neighborhood in Tokyo offers a distinct atmosphere that can enhance your romantic getaway and your couple travel to Tokyo.


Known as the youthful heartbeat of Tokyo, Shibuya is vibrant and bustling. For luxury stays, consider the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. Offering elegant rooms with panoramic city views and a tranquil atmosphere amidst the city’s buzz. For a more central location, look at the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyo. Located directly above Shibuya Station, providing easy access to the city’s attractions and rooms overlooking the famous Shibuya Crossing. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and service, the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is a perfect choice. It’s tucked away from Shibuya in the Nihonbashi area. It offers exquisite accommodations and exceptional dining experiences, ensuring a lavish retreat from the city’s frantic pace.

Our LE editors adore the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi. The FS offers a more intimate boutique experience. The FS always delivers impeccable service and refined elegance, making it an ideal sanctuary for discerning travelers.


A hub of entertainment, dining, and nightlife. The Park Hyatt Tokyo, famous from the movie “Lost in Translation,”. The Park Hyatt offers sophisticated luxury with stunning city and Mount Fuji views. Alternatively, Keio Plaza Hotel provides plush accommodations and multiple dining options, located near Tokyo’s government buildings and bustling shopping areas.


Rich in history and traditional culture. The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon by Hulic offers modern accommodations with spectacular views of the Tokyo Skytree and Senso-ji Temple. Asakusa View Hotel marries comfort with convenience, located near major cultural sites.

The Best Neighborhoods for Couples


Famous for its fashion streets and youthful culture. Hotel Emit Shibuya, just minutes from the Harajuku Station, stands out for its stylish decor and proximity to iconic shopping. A chic option in the heart of Harajuku,is The Trunk (Hotel). The Trunk has a boutique vibe with serene rooms and a great community vibe.


Explore the wonders of Odaiba, which offers a futuristic escape with attractions like teamLab Borderless and panoramic waterfront views. Hilton Tokyo Odaiba sits on the water’s edge, providing stunning views of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. The Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba is the first hotel you’ll encounter coming off the Rainbow Bridge. The Grand Nikko is known for its elegant rooms, exquisite dining and attentive service.


Known for its laid-back vibe and artistic flair. Hotel Graphy Nezu is a great option that offers a social accommodation experience. Graphy Nezu has a café, art gallery, and lounge, blending modern style with traditional charm.


Upon arrival at either Narita or Haneda Airport, couples can choose from several premium transport options. Uber is not availiable in Tokyo there are other options. Premium taxi services like JapanTaxi and private chauffeur services provide luxurious and comfortable transfers to your accommodation. Once in Tokyo, navigating the city is seamless with luxury car services. We recomend arranging with your hotel concierge. A car service ensures that traveling around Tokyo is not just convenient but also done in style. Perfect for couples looking to explore the city’s romantic spots without the hassle of public transport.

Couple travel in Tokyo.
Dining restaurant in Tokyo.

Tokyo’s Unique Dining

Tokyo’s culinary landscape is a paradise for food enthusiasts, offering a dazzling array of unique and sophisticated dining options. Tokyo dining cater sperfectly to couples seeking memorable gastronomic experiences. For an unforgettable sushi experience, Sukiyabashi Jiro in Ginza is an experience. Known from the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” the omakase (chef’s choice) menu is considered one of the pinnacles of sushi dining globally. The meticulous preparation and presentation of each piece reflect the peak of culinary craftsmanship. For lovers of tempura is Tempura Matsu in Minato is a must visit. You can enjoy light and crispy tempura made from the freshest seasonal ingredients. Each piece is delicately fried and served immediately to ensure the perfect texture, from succulent prawns to an array of vegetables.

For those interested in exploring innovative fusion cuisine, Sazenka offers a stunning mix of Japanese and Chinese culinary techniques. Dishes like steamed abalone with sake and soy or smoked duck with hoisin showcase the chef’s skill in blending these two rich culinary traditions into something uniquely tantalizing. For a more modern twist on Japanese cuisine, Narisawa in Aoyama is a destination unto itself. Known for its commitment to “sustainable gastronomy.” Their dishes are crafted using organic and sustainable ingredients. Menu highlights including the “Bread of the Forest” and “Essence of the Forest” which bring the flavors of nature directly to your table. Kanda offers some of the most romantic dining in the city. Where Chef Hiroyuki Kanda prepares multi-course meals that focus on seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques, offering a quiet, exclusive atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a uniquely Tokyo experience, head over to Shinjuku Kappo Nakajima. We love the intimate and understated interiors for a romantic date night. The dishes are Michelin-starred and we highly recommend the sardine tempura and sashimi.

Fun & Romantic Date Ideas In Tokyo

Tokyo offers an array of unique and romantic activities perfect for couples looking to add adventure and intimacy to their trip. To create unforgettable memories, hire a boat and row along the Chidorigafuchi Moat during cherry blossom season. The stunning views of pink blossoms create a magical atmosphere.

For those seeking a tranquil escape, consider a journey to the popular hot springs located about two hours outside of Tokyo. Here, couples can book a private tour for a truly intimate experience, soaking in natural thermal waters amidst serene landscapes—ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

For a breathtaking panoramic perspective of the city, a visit to the Tokyo Sky Tree is essential; standing at 634 meters. It offers a sweeping view of Tokyo and beyond, making it a fantastic spot for memorable photos. Thrill-seeking couples might enjoy a day at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, near the base of Mount Fuji. It features some of the world’s most exciting roller coasters with incredible views of the iconic mountain. Tokyo is filled with green spaces, we love Shunjuku Gyoen. These lush spaces provide a perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls and quiet moments amidst the bustling city.

For a more relaxing experience closer to the city center, consider visiting an onse. The Oedo Onsen Monogatari is in Odaiba. Here you can soak in natural hot springs and enjoy traditional Japanese relaxation in a beautifully themed Edo-period setting.

Couple travel in Tokyo.
View of mount fuji that offers a sanctuary for couples.

Wellness and Spa

For couples seeking relaxation, Tokyo’s luxury spas provide world-class wellness experiences. The Aman Spa at Aman Tokyo is an oasis of tranquility. The Aman offers treatments that integrate ancient Japanese wellness practices with modern techniques. The “Harmony Aman” massage, which uses aromatherapy and soothing music to create a healing environment, is perfect for couples. Located high above the city, The Mandarin Oriental spa provides a serene environment and treatments. Lusso Escapes editors love the “Total Body Experience” which includes a body scrub, wrap, and massage tailored to rejuvenate and invigorate.

Shopping and Leisure

Tokyo is a veritable playground for those who love to shop and indulge in cultural activities. The upscale district of Ginza features luxury boutiques from global brands and exclusive Japanese designers. Ginza is an ideal place for finding high-end fashion. For a unique shopping experience, explore the trendy back streets of Harajuku. Local boutiques offer everything from avant-garde fashion to vintage finds. There is always something to do in Tokyo! Enjoy a night out at the iconic Kabukiza Theatre in Ginza. Where the traditional Kabuki performances provide a cultural feast for the senses. Alternatively, for contemporary entertainment, visit the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills, which hosts international art exhibitions and events. The gallery really immerses you in Japanese art and highlights Tokyo’s rich cultural fabric.

Couple travel in Tokyo 
Tokyo sky at night

Tokyo Culture

For couples eager to delve into Tokyo’s rich tapestry of culture, the city offers a myriad of immersive experiences that go beyond the conventional tourist path. Museums like the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno. The museum provides insights into Japan’s extensive history through art and antiquities. The Mori Art Museum in Roppongi showcases contemporary art that reflects modern Japanese thought and lifestyle. Art workshops, at Mokuhankan in Asakusa, where you can learn traditional woodblock printing techniques firsthand. Offering a creative and intimate bonding experience. Our LE editor loved participating in a traditional tea ceremony at Happo-en in Shirokanedai. The ceremony offered a serene retreat from the bustling city life. At the tea ceremony you can appreciate the refined beauty and ritual of Japanese matcha-making.

Expanding the cultural journey outside Tokyo, a visit to Kamakura offers a unique historical exploration for couples. This coastal town, just an hour’s train ride from Tokyo, is renowned for its monumental outdoor bronze statue of Amida Buddha at Kotoku-in Temple. The statue dates back to the 13th century. We recomend exploring the many Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples that dot the landscape. The famous Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine is here, which is steeped in the samurai history.

Practical Tips

As a visitor to Tokyo, it’s important to understand and respect local customs and etiquette. Here are a few tips to help you navigate social situations gracefully:

  • Bowing is a common greeting in Japan, used instead of handshakes to show respect and gratitude.
  • Shoe Etiquette. Remove shoes when entering homes or traditional establishments like ryokans and some restaurants. This shows respect and cleanliness
  • Handling Money. When making purchases or paying for services, use both hands to give and receive items such as money and credit cards. This is considered to be polite and respectful.
  • Quietness in Public. In Japanese culture, quietness is valued. Keeping voices down and silencing mobile phones on trains is appreciated.
  • Tipping. Tipping is not a common practice in Japan and can sometimes be seen as rude. Except in very upscale establishments where service charges are included in the bill.

Unlock the Ultimate Couple Travel Experience With Us!

With Lusso Escapes, your journey through Tokyo is not just a trip—it’s a carefully curated adventure that combines luxury, romance, and profound cultural engagement. Each experience is meticulously crafted to ensure that every moment spent in Tokyo strengthens your bond and enriches your understanding of this magnificent city. From the serene gardens displaying delicate cherry blossoms to the vibrant life of Shibuya and Shinjuku, every step is an opportunity for discovery. Embrace the journey with Lusso Escapes, and let Tokyo reveal its secrets, making each day a memorable chapter in your travel story. Together, explore the depths of Tokyo’s culture, cuisine, and cosmopolitan spirit, and return home with stories of a city that blends the past and future seamlessly.

Our most frequently asked questions on couples trips to Tokyo.

What Are The Best Couple-Friendly Activities To Do In Tokyo?

Explore the serene gardens of Shinjuku Gyoen and indulge in a romantic boat ride on the moat of Chidorigafuchi Park, admiring cherry blossoms. Experience the vibrant nightlife together in the bustling districts of Shibuya and Shinjuku.

What Are Some Romantic Spots In Tokyo Suitable For Couples?

Enjoy breathtaking views of Tokyo from the Tokyo Tower observation deck or the Tokyo Skytree. Stroll hand in hand through the charming streets of Yanaka Ginza, filled with quaint shops and cafes.

How Can Couples Navigate Tokyo’s Transportation System Efficiently?

Opt for a prepaid Suica or Pasmo card for seamless travel on trains, subways, and buses. Use smartphone apps like Google Maps or Japan Transit Planner for real-time route planning and updates.

What Are Some Recommended Neighborhoods In Tokyo For Couples To Stay In?

Experience the romance of Nakameguro’s scenic canal and trendy cafes, or immerse yourselves in the historic charm of Asakusa, with its bustling streets and iconic Senso-ji Temple.


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