Earth Energies Sanctuary

Tucked away in the serene landscapes of New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula, Earth Energies Sanctuary emerges as a haven of tranquility and holistic well-being. This unique retreat is not your conventional luxury hotel but rather a personalized journey into relaxation and self-discovery, nestled within a beautifully secluded environment that feels like a luxurious home away from home. Its commitment to sustainability, with practices such as composting, underscores a deep respect for nature, offering guests an experience that is not only indulgent but also mindful and responsible.

Earth Energies Sanctuary

Lusso Escapes Rating 22/30

Design and Comfort:

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Sustainability and Ethical Practices:

What We Love

Earth Energies Sanctuary stands out for its profound sense of privacy and personalization, making every guest feel as though they’ve stepped into a sanctuary tailored just for them. The sanctuary’s holistic approach wraps you in wellness, from the beautifully appointed, cabin-like accommodations that promise comfort and solitude to the comprehensive wellness offerings that invite a deep dive into personal health and relaxation. The beauty of staying here is the immersion in the peacefulness of the Coromandel, an area renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. The sanctuary’s wellness programs are thoughtfully designed to rejuvenate the body and soul, offering everything from spa treatments to meditation and yoga, all in settings that encourage introspection and renewal. It’s the perfect escape for those seeking to disconnect, whether on a solo retreat or a romantic getaway, offering a profound connection to nature and self amidst the sanctuary’s luxurious, home-like comfort.

What We Don’t Love

While the secluded charm of Earth Energies Sanctuary is its greatest allure, this same seclusion means that guests looking for a traditional resort experience with easy access to bustling attractions might find it too isolated. The sanctuary’s focus is on wellness and relaxation, providing a peaceful retreat from the world; however, this means entertainment and external dining options are limited. Additionally, while the sanctuary aims to provide a holistic dining experience aligned with its wellness ethos, some guests may find the culinary offerings less varied than expected. The journey to reach this secluded paradise, over an hour from the nearest airport and requiring a car rental, adds to its exclusivity but requires planning and effort to navigate.

Wellness & Spa

At the core of Earth Energies Sanctuary is its bespoke wellness and spa experience, meticulously crafted to promote deep healing and rejuvenation. The sanctuary’s spa specializes in treatments that harness the potent energies of the New Zealand landscape, offering a unique menu that includes vibrational healing, energy balancing sessions, and traditional Maori healing practices. Guests can indulge in personalized massage therapies that use organic, locally sourced products, ensuring every aspect of the experience is in harmony with the natural world. The spa facilities feature tranquil treatment rooms designed to reflect the serenity of the Coromandel Peninsula, creating a peaceful retreat where guests can unwind and reconnect. Complementing the spa treatments are wellness activities such as guided meditation, yoga sessions set amidst the breathtaking scenery, and nature walks that encourage mindful connection with the environment. This holistic approach ensures that a stay at Earth Energies Sanctuary isn’t just a getaway, but a transformative journey towards well-being and balance.

Lusso Escapes Rating

Design and Comfort

The sanctuary provides a harmonious blend of rustic charm and understated luxury. Each cabin-like room, with an average size of 30 square meters, offers ample space and is equipped with modern amenities to ensure comfort. Couples or guests seeking more luxurious accommodations are encouraged to consider our suites, which feature additional space and enhanced amenities, providing a private haven within our tranquil environment.

Amenities and Services

With personalized wellness programs and exceptional privacy, Earth Energies Sanctuary excels in providing a serene escape, though limited in traditional resort-style amenities and dining variety.

Dining and Cuisine

While the sanctuary aims to complement its wellness experience with nutritious offerings, the culinary experience may not meet all guests’ expectations for variety or indulgence. 

Meal Overview

Breakfast: Options like homemade muesli, fresh fruits, and yogurt.

Lunch and Dinner: Dishes such as salads with local greens, vegetable soups, and lean proteins like chicken or fish, seasoned with garden herbs.

Dining Environment

Meals are enjoyed in a communal dining area, promoting a sense of community and holistic well-being among guests.

Location and Accessibility

The sanctuary’s remote location in the Coromandel Peninsula offers unmatched tranquility and natural beauty but requires effort to reach and explore, emphasizing the need for personal transport. For the ultimate convenience and comfort, we recommend arranging transportation through local chauffeur services, known for their reliability and high-quality service. These services offer pre-arranged pickups from the airport and personalized travel itineraries that allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Coromandel Peninsula worry-free. For those preferring the flexibility of ride-sharing, Uber is available, although less reliable due to the remote location.

Exclusivity and Privacy

Earth Energies Sanctuary is unparalleled in offering an exclusive, private experience, perfect for those seeking solitude, reflection, and a personalized wellness journey.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

The sanctuary’s commitment to sustainability, from composting to integrating environmental conservation into its operations, highlights a commendable effort to offer responsible luxury.


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