The 6 best romantic restaurants in Tokyo

Finding the 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

Choosing the perfect restaurant for a romantic vacation can be stressful, often more so than selecting the location and hotel. For a romantic setting, I look for intimacy, the type of cuisine, nearby bars, and entertainment options. In this guide, I explore the 6 best romantic 5 star restaurants in Tokyo. Helping to simplify your decision-making process, focusing on unique aesthetics and memorable experiences.

5 Star Restaurants in Tokyo

Below, I am rating my top five-star restaurants in Tokyo that all offer something very unique.


Before opening his own restaurant, Chef Narisawa trained under renowned chefs like Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon in France. Along with Frédy Girardet in Switzerland, and Gualtiero Marchesi in Italy. Returning to Japan, he eventually established the acclaimed NARISAWA in Tokyo, a two Michelin star restaurant. NARISAWA offers a unique dining experience called “Innovative Satoyama Cuisine,” blending Japan’s traditional Satoyama culture with modern culinary techniques. This approach emphasizes sustainability and harmony with nature. The seasonally changing menu honors the co-existence of people and nature. This sustainable omakase gastronomy experience is first on our list, providing dishes beneficial to both body and soul.

The Dining Ambience

The dining room’s dark leather and wood decor create a distraction-free environment. I loved the use of sustainable wooden boards for serving seamlessly integrates with NARISAWA’s ethos. Their commitment to nature is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant. From the ambiance to the delivery of each dish.

Commitment to Sustainability

NARISAWA’s dedication to the Satoyama culture goes beyond sourcing local ingredients. Their zero-waste practices, “Onigiri Project” for healthcare workers, and annual tree planting to preserve wilderness ecosystems all embody their sustainability ethos. This dedication earned them a Michelin Green Star, showcasing their commitment to a sustainable future.

A Taste of Japanese Wine

For those curious about Japanese wine, NARISAWA is one of the best places to appreciate the finest of Japanese winemaking. They feature Pinot Noir from Nagano, Riesling from Iwate. I personally loved the aged Bordeaux-style blends from Yamagata. They also had a great selection of premium sake.

Making Reservations

NARISAWA is an omakase-only establishment, offering a 13-course dinner for approximately $300 USD per person. Reservations open on the last day of each month and must be booked in advance. No children under the age of 18 allowed.


Ginza Ugai

    A Culinary Journey

    Chef Ryogo Fujii, a celebrated culinary artist, named his Ginza kaiseki restaurant “Ugai” to honor the transient nature of life and relationships. This unique spot offers a cuisine based on a French theme, with dishes that reflect the passion of his producers. Every bite balances umami, sweetness, and bitterness, all driven by Chef Fujii’s gratitude to his suppliers, staff, and guests. By the age of 22, Fuji had already owned a members-only restaurant before founding Ginza Ugai in December 2022, truly making the most of his time and talent.

    The restaurant is known for it’s best quality japanese black beef, and seasonal seafood and vegetables. 

    The Dining Ambience

    From my personal experience, this place is perfect for a romantic date night. The venue features a stunning hundred-year-old zelkova beam and warm mosaic, creating an inviting atmosphere. Ginza Ugai’s charm is further enhanced by a combination of Japanese and Western antique furniture. I loved how it perfectly complementing the French fusion cuisine. The countertop, where chefs prepare the food, is a large round circle that serves as the centerpiece of the restaurant. For an ultimate VIP experience, you can book a private room where the chefs cook right in front of you. They also have a special dessert room for enjoying an aperitif after your meal, making it the perfect cozy setting to linger in for most of the evening.

    Making Reservations

    Reservations can be made online, where you choose the type of course you wish to book. Lunch courses start at $85 and go up to $125. Dinner courses begin at $200, with an option to upgrade to a seasonal menu for approximately $300 per person. Whether for lunch or dinner, the dining experience at Ginza Ugai is unparalleled. The menu is crafted to highlight the best quality Japanese black beef, seasonal seafood, and vegetables. It’s truly a memorable culinary journey.


    Héritage By Kei Kobayashi – Ritz Calrton 

      A Culinary Journey

      Nothing short of spectacular, Heritage by Kei Kobayashi in the Ritz Carlton does not disappoint. Chef Kobayashi, following in his father’s footsteps, became a chef and dedicated his life to perfecting his craft. From an early age, he spent most of his time in France, training in top kitchens under culinary legends like Gilles Goujon and Alain Ducasse. In 2011, he opened his triple Michelin-starred restaurant KEI in Paris. He became widely celebrated for his mastery of aesthetics, techniques, and flavors. Dining at Heritage, you can truly appreciate the culmination of his years of dedication and passion for the culinary arts. Heritage brings french perfection to the Ritz Carlton, Tokyo . 

      Chef Kobayashi’s signature cuisine at Héritage is an absolute delight, perfect for a five-star setting. Rooted in French traditions, his menu caters beautifully to modern palates. The dishes are clean, precise, and truly let the ingredients shine. Just as you’d expect from a Michelin-starred restaurant, each course offers a multi-sensory journey, from the stunning presentation to the exquisite taste. Dining here feels like a culinary adventure that truly lives up to its five-star reputation.

      The Ambience

      Opened at the end of January 24, Héritage by Kei Kobayashi has transformed the space formerly known as Azure 45, now sitting proudly on the hotel’s 45th floor with commanding city views. 

      Chef Kobayashi’s influence shines through in every detail of the meticulously designed space. The deep brown base, accented with blue, creates a formal yet inviting atmosphere, enhanced by vibrant blue and purple floral displays. Each table is angled towards the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows, offering breathtaking views of Tokyo’s cityscap. I highly recomend getting a window seat for the best view. For a more private experience, there’s an eight-seat dining room. The room is beautifully decorated in blues, gold, and gray. The enormous windows frame the stunning skyline—ideal for special occasions or a very special romantic evening.

      Post-Dinner Delight

      After dinner, I highly recommend visiting The Lobby at The Ritz-Carlton. The live music every evening adds to the enchanting ambiance. The bar on the lobby floor is a marvel, overlooking a dramatic skyline of Tokyo. The bar features famous cocktail makers from around the world, and the extensive wine list includes incredible selections from Europe and Napa Valley. It’s the perfect way to end a romantic date night.

      Making Reservations

      Héritage is open for lunch and dinner from Thursday to Monday. You can book an intimate room that seats up to eight guests or enjoy the restaurant’s main dining area. Note that children under the age of 12 are not allowed. For dinner, there are two course options: a five-course meal starting at $150 or a seven-course meal at $225. Lunch offers more flexibility with 3, 4, 5, or 7-course menus ranging from $70 to $225. Dessert is an additional cost. Reservations can be easily made online, where you can also choose your course.

      Sezanne – Four Seasons

      Sézanne, a two Michelin star restaurant, offers an extraordinary dining experience with a contemporary, relaxed vibe that makes you feel like you can dine there all night. Chef Daniel Calvert, who sets this ambience of relaxed luxury, ensures that the interiors speak to the food. The French restaurant’s menu is seasonally updated, so guests can always experience something new. Chef Calvert’s journey is inspiring, having worked under great chefs like Thomas Keller at Per Se in New York City and Shane Osborn at Pied à Terre in London. From a low-key commuter town in southeast England to star-studded kitchens in London, Paris, New York, and Hong Kong, Daniel Calvert’s rise to stardom is the stuff of dreams. He has honed his skills as sous chef at Per Se and at Epicure at Le Bristol in Paris, both with three Michelin stars, embracing versatile cultural influences and ingredients.

      The Ambience

      The four seasons at Sézanne fall nothing short of extraordinary. Designed by the world-renowned André Fu, who specializes in luxury hotel design, the space reflects his work with notable establishments like Hong Kong’s St Regis, Berkeley Hotel in London, Four Seasons in Seoul, and the Shangri-La Tokyo. Sézanne promises a singular blend of gastronomy and design, seamlessly woven together to engage both the palate and the gaze. Andre Fu has created an ambience that is intimate, subtle, and deeply personalized, reflecting the ‘hidden gem’ sensibility of Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi. His vision revolves around creating a duet of dining experiences set against the urban buzz of Tokyo Station, cultivating a sense of escape with destinations that are highly contrasting and layered.

      Making Reservations

      You can make reservations online, typically opening a month in advance (e.g., reservations for August open in July). Sézanne is open for lunch from Wednesday to Saturday and for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. The lunch menu is approximately $180 USD, and the dinner menu is around $320 USD. Reservations can also be made by calling the restaurant.


      Arva – Aman Tokyo 

      Arva at Aman Tokyo reimagines Italy’s culinary heritage using the finest seasonal ingredients available locally. Chef de cuisine, Masakazu Hiraki, spent 13 years perfecting his skills in Veneto, Italy. His Venetian-inspired dishes draw from vibrant open-air markets, where sunlight and leafy greens herald spring.

      Hiraki sources local ingredients like plump fava beans and purple-hued firefly squid. He creates flavors that evoke the Adriatic Sea, Dolomite Mountains, and Po Valley. This results in an Italian fare celebrating both Italy’s essence and Japan’s bountiful produce.

      I had the Cheese-stuffed agnolotti dumplings, black pepper, Pecorino Romano cheese that was dusted with a lemon mousse that melted in your mouth. This dish had a particular fusion twist which was gorgeous. 

      The Ambience 

      Entering the Aman Tokyo lobby leaves you in awe, where the interior truly speaks to you. Designed by Kerry Hill Architects, the space blends traditional Japanese design with contemporary elegance. Situated on the 33rd floor of the Otemachi Tower, the lobby is an impressive open space with a huge lounge area, crafted from black stone and embodying modern Japanese aesthetics. The lobby features multiple layers, with Ara, the gorgeous Italian fusion restaurant, nestled away in the far left corner. Another seating area is sectioned by grand shelves and fireplaces, while the cocktail bar is on the far right.

      The main lobby resembles the inside of a traditional shoji paper lantern, creating an atmosphere of dramatic grandeur, elegance, and stillness all at once. The Lounge by Aman, featuring a gorgeous cocktail bar with uninterrupted views of Tokyo, seamlessly blends Japanese design with the beauty of nature. I highly recommend visiting the bar after dinner for an aperitif, as its huge floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline. The hotel is typically quieter, making it perfect for a romantic date night just for the two of you. If you’re looking for something more lively, I would choose somewhere like the Ritz Carlton.

      Making Reservations 

      Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner, set menus range from $150 to $250 depending on the course amount and wine or champagne pairings. It’s best to make bookings online.


        For the perfect date spot to take your loved one after a romantic stroll through the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, I highly recommend Nomu. It’s a charming Scandinavian-inspired cafe tucked away down a quaint street. Discovering Nomu, with its three unique cafes spread across Tokyo, felt like finding a hidden gem, perfect for couples seeking a cozy, intimate setting.

        Nicolai Bergmann, the owner, was born in 1976 in Copenhagen and is one of the most recognizable flower artists, blending Scandinavian and Japanese design concepts. His flower creations are evident throughout the cafe. Nomu also has a flower shop where you can purchase his stunning floral arrangements, including everlasting flowers. His work in fashion and design, collaborating with leading luxury brands, shines through in the cafe’s aesthetic, making it an ideal spot for a romantic lunch.

        At Nicolai Bergmann NOMU, you can savor “Smørrebrød,” a traditional Danish open sandwich with freshly baked rye bread and a variety of toppings. The cafe also offers freshly baked sweets and pastries, perfect with their selection of coffee and tea. For a touch of elegance, enjoy a glass of champagne or choose from their wide selection of wines, personally selected by Nicolai Bergmann himself. This cozy, hygge space is ideal for tea time, lunch, or coffee breaks, providing a romantic oasis in the bustling city.

        Making Reservations

        You do not need to make reservations and can just walk in. 


        Exploring the 6 best romantic restaurants in Tokyo has been such a delightful journey for me. From Tokyo’s many Michelin-star options to its beautiful five-star settings. The city offers some of the most architecturally stunning hotels and charming hidden cafes. Each place provides a unique experience perfect for a romantic date night. Whether you’re savoring seasonal cuisine in a luxurious setting or enjoying a quiet moment in a cozy, hidden gem like Nomu, these five-star restaurants in Tokyo ensure unforgettable memories with your loved one. Tokyo truly has it all for a perfect romantic outing.


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