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Perched on the serene coastline, where the azure waters meet the vibrant landscapes of Mexico, Sha Mexico stands as a beacon of modern luxury and holistic wellness. This haven is not just about opulence but also about creating a harmonious balance between the mind, body, and spirit. With standout amenities like a state-of-the-art wellness center, gourmet dining that focuses on nutritional balance, and exclusive beachfront access, Sha Mexico redefines the luxury travel experience with a health-conscious twist.

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Lusso Escapes Rating 27/30

What We Love

The heart of Sha Mexico lies in its unparalleled fusion of luxury with comprehensive wellness programs, creating an ambiance where tranquility and rejuvenation are paramount. Its culinary offerings are a tour de force, marrying the principles of nutritional science with the artistry of gourmet cuisine, making every meal a journey of flavors that nourish both body and soul. The privacy afforded by the adults-only pool and the secluded beach access crafts an exclusive oasis of serenity, allowing guests to immerse themselves fully in the peaceful embrace of nature. Each aspect of Sha Mexico is thoughtfully designed to promote well-being, from the spa’s extensive menu of therapeutic treatments to the state-of-the-art fitness center and personalized wellness journeys. This commitment to health and happiness is what makes Sha Mexico a beacon for those seeking a retreat that caters to the holistic betterment of the individual.

What We Don’t Love

In its noble pursuit of offering a sanctuary for digital detox, Sha Mexico adopts a philosophy that emphasizes a break from constant connectivity. This approach, while fostering a genuine sense of disconnect to reconnect with oneself and the surrounding natural beauty, may pose a challenge for guests who find solace or necessity in being digitally available. The intention is pure, aiming to enrich the guest’s experience by encouraging a more profound engagement with the present moment and the wellness journey. Yet, for those tethered to their devices for work or personal reasons, this philosophy requires a mindful adjustment to embrace the full breadth of Sha Mexico’s wellness ethos.

Wellness & Spa

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At Sha Mexico, wellness is not just an option; it’s the essence of its existence. The spa, an architectural marvel, offers a sanctuary for those seeking solace and rejuvenation. With treatments ranging from traditional massages to innovative wellness therapies, each is tailored to meet individual health goals. The gym, equipped with the latest in fitness technology, along with expert trainers, offers a comprehensive approach to physical well-being, ensuring that your stay at Sha Mexico leaves you revitalized and renewed.

Sha Mexico Lusso Escapes Rating

Design and Comfort

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SHA Mexico has been meticulously designed to ensure every guest finds tranquility and luxury at every turn. The rooms, starting at a spacious 40 square meters, are appointed with modern, minimalist decor that emphasizes serenity and space, making them ideal for couples or individuals seeking a peaceful retreat. For those desiring even greater luxury and space, upgrading to one of the suites provides additional amenities, such as expansive living areas and private terraces, enhancing the comfort and exclusivity of your stay.

Amenities and Services

Exceptional in its wellness offerings and personalized service, Sha Mexico provides a nurturing environment for rejuvenation. The dedication to a less digital, more present experience marks a distinctive approach to luxury.

Dining and Cuisine

The innovative and health-conscious culinary experience at Sha Mexico deserves accolades for its commitment to flavor, nutrition, and sustainability, offering a dining experience that delights and nourishes.

Dining is a fundamental part of the wellness journey, with several restaurants offering a variety of health-focused culinary experiences:

  • SHA Restaurant: The main dining venue where guests can enjoy a menu that combines macrobiotic principles with modern and traditional cooking techniques. The cuisine is focused on organic, nutrient-rich ingredients, offering dishes that are both flavorful and healing.
  • Altea Restaurant: Here, the focus is on international fusion cuisine, presenting a creative menu that integrates flavors from around the world with a healthy twist. The ambiance is chic and contemporary, perfect for an evening of sophisticated dining.
  • Pool Bar: For a more casual dining experience, the Pool Bar offers light meals and snacks in a relaxed, airy setting with stunning views of the natural surroundings.

Location and Accessibility

SHA Mexico is situated in a serene location that, while secluded, is conveniently accessible. The nearest town is a 15-minute drive away, making it easy for guests who wish to explore local culture and dining outside the resort. For transportation:

  • Uber and Lyft: Both Uber and Lyft operate in the area, offering reliable and convenient options for guests who prefer ride-sharing services. These can be used for trips to nearby towns, local attractions, or for airport transfers.
  • Local Taxi Services: For those who may not use ride-sharing apps, local taxi services are readily available and can provide convenient and quick transportation to and from the resort. Taxis can be arranged by the resort upon request to ensure availability and convenience.
  • Car Rental: For guests interested in having more control over their travel plans, renting a car is a practical option. Car rental agencies are available at the airport and within the local area, allowing for easy exploration of the surroundings at your own pace.

Exclusivity and Privacy

With an adults-only policy and bespoke wellness experiences, Sha Mexico excels in providing a haven of exclusivity and personalized care, ensuring privacy and tranquillity. Read our guide to exclusive wellness resorts in the US.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Sha Mexico’s staunch commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is evident across all operations, from construction to community engagement, embodying responsible luxury.


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