Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Health Spa & Resort

Discover Japanese serenity at Ten Thousand Waves: Authentic wellness, cuisine & luxury in Santa Fe’s mountains.

Nestled in the serene mountains just outside Santa Fe, Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Health Spa & Resort offers an authentic immersion into Japanese-style relaxation and wellness, blending the rustic charm of New Mexico with the refined elegance of traditional Japanese design. This unique sanctuary prioritizes harmony with nature, featuring indoor and outdoor onsens for a transformative spa experience rooted in centuries-old healing practices. It stands as a haven for luxury nomads and discerning couples seeking peace, privacy, and a deep connection with the natural world.

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What We Love

Ten Thousand Waves

At the heart of Ten Thousand Waves lies its dedication to authenticity and comfort. The resort boasts a plethora of indoor and outdoor spa pools, inviting guests to unwind in settings that whisper tales of ancient Japanese bathhouses, yet scream luxury. The private patios, complete with hibachi grills, offer an intimate setting for a bespoke dining experience under the stars. The spotlight, however, shines on the master sake sommelier, Deborah Fleig, whose expertise brings an unparalleled adult beverage program to the table, featuring fine sake imported directly from Japan. It’s a taste of sophistication that’s rare, making every sip a journey of discovery.

The design is another facet we can’t help but admire. It reflects a profound love for Japanese aesthetics, blending seamlessly with the local, natural landscape. This design philosophy extends to the dining options, which emphasize gluten-free, local food, ensuring every dish is as nourishing to the body as the surroundings are to the soul. All soy products are proudly GMO-free, underscoring the resort’s commitment to health and sustainability.

What We Don’t Love / Notes

While Ten Thousand Waves offers an unparalleled experience of tranquility and luxury, it’s worth noting that the resort leans towards a more adult-oriented clientele. The absence of a fitness center, swimming pools, and specific family amenities suggests that it may not be the best fit for families looking for a traditional vacation setup. Moreover, its more rustic edge demands a bit of adventure from its guests, a call to those who find beauty in the unpolished and authentic.

Wellness & Spa

Ten Thousand Waves

The spa at Ten Thousand Waves stands as a testament to the profound healing traditions of Japan, eschewing conventional fitness amenities to offer a sanctuary focused on holistic relaxation and mental wellness. Inspired by centuries-old Japanese health rituals, the spa’s diverse treatments—ranging from the energy-balancing Shiatsu massage to the volcanic warmth of hot stone therapy—embody a commitment to balance, healing, and serenity. Signature experiences, such as the Mizunara Oak Aromatherapy, utilize rare essences to deepen relaxation, while the thoughtful integration of natural and ethically sourced bath products reflects a deep respect for both the individual and the environment.

This haven of tranquility is enhanced by its serene setting, with outdoor soaking tubs placed amidst the natural beauty of whispering pines and rugged mountains, offering a space for meditation and connection with nature. Inside, the spa’s minimalist design and use of natural materials foster a calming atmosphere conducive to renewal and introspection. Seasonal treatments align with the rhythms of the natural world, ensuring each visit offers a unique path to wellness. At Ten Thousand Waves, the essence of the Japanese spa experience is not just preserved but celebrated, providing guests with a journey that touches the soul and revitalizes the body in the most authentic and profound ways.

Lusso Escapes Rating

Design and Comfort

The resort is a masterpiece of design, echoing the elegance and minimalism of Japanese architecture, yet providing the utmost comfort through meticulously crafted living spaces. The attention to detail in every corner ensures a stay that’s both aesthetically pleasing and supremely comfortable.

Amenities and Services

Despite the absence of conventional amenities like pools and gyms, Ten Thousand Waves excels with its unique offerings. The spa pools, exceptional dining, and sake program are complemented by attentive concierge services, ensuring a seamless experience from pre-trip planning to departure.

Dining and Cuisine

The culinary experience is a highlight, with a focus on local, gluten-free fare and a GMO-free promise. The presence of a master sake sommelier elevates the dining experience, making it a journey of taste that is both enlightening and indulgent.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled in peaceful mountain surroundings, yet conveniently located a short drive from Santa Fe, the resort offers the best of both worlds. While secluded, the town’s attractions and local transport options remain accessible, ensuring guests can explore at their leisure.

Exclusivity and Privacy

Perfect for those seeking solitude, Ten Thousand Waves offers unparalleled privacy and exclusivity. From private patios to intimate spa pools, the resort caters to those looking for a quiet retreat from the world.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Health Spa & Resort exemplifies sustainability through its dedicated efforts in environmental stewardship and ethical practices, particularly noticeable in its farm-to-table dining approach and the use of local, non-GMO ingredients. This commitment extends to the resort’s architecture and spa treatments, which harmonize with the natural landscape, minimizing environmental impact while enhancing guest experience. The use of eco-friendly products and initiatives aimed at reducing waste and conserving water further underscores its dedication to preserving the natural beauty of its surroundings. These practices not only reflect a deep respect for the environment but also align with a broader mission of promoting health and sustainability as integral aspects of luxury and wellness.

In Conclusion

Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Health Spa & Resort is more than a destination; it’s a journey into the heart of tranquility, offering a blend of rustic adventure and sophisticated luxury. It’s a testament to the beauty of Japanese design, the richness of mindful relaxation, and the taste of truly exceptional cuisine. For the discerning traveler seeking a sanctuary where luxury meets serenity, this resort is a profound revelation. Let Lusso Escapes guide you to an experience where every moment is a discovery, every breath a renewal.


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